Saturday Morning Solfege

$10 per 45 minute class

Saturdays at 7:00 AM, Mountain Time

16 classes per semester

$160 per semester

Taught by Keith Knighton

Kodaly Music Instruction

Ages 4–12

Children learn best from doing, by participating in songs and musical games while at the same time learning musical elements in a sequential order. Your child will learn how to produce a beautiful singing tone quality from my expertise and by listening to other children’s voices. Children will gain well-trained hands, minds, ears, and hearts.

Class Size: Up to 16 students per class
Class Levels: Pre-School to 6th Grade
Class Semesters:



If a student withdraws within the:
  • First two weeks of lessons, 80% of tuition is refunded.
  • Third and fourth week, 60% of tuition is refunded.
  • Fifth and sixth week, 40% of tuition is refunded.


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