Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery
Physical items like CD's, DVD's, or books, sold through the site, will be shipped within 2–3 business days. Delivery time will depend on the shipping option chosen, which includes regular postal service by ground (cheapest) or overnight delivery via FedEx with insurance and tracking. 
Privacy & Security
We will keep your information private and only use it to conduct business with Dan Whitley Music. It will not be sold, shown, or given to third parties for any purpose, unless required by legal authorities. Information is stored and backed up regularly on password-protected systems and servers hosted by Adobe, Inc. Passwords and access is controlled by Dan Whitley Music and Slick Software 1, LLC. They are not shared with outside entities unless required by legal authorities. 
Returns & Replacements
Damaged or defective CDs, DVDs, or books will be replaced at no charge within 90 days of purchase. Sales on all used products are final. 
You may order products and services: using the website, by phone, in person, or by mail. 
Pricing — Lessons & Classes
Private VOCAL LESSON (from) $25* to $40 half hour ($100 to $160 month**)
Private INSTRUMENTAL $10* to $25 guitar, bass, banjo, drums, piano ($40 to $100**)
GROUP Bands/Orchestra $12.50/hr ($50 month **)
RECORDING $50/half hour
$20 master CD — each CD $10 up to 10 copies
*Associate & Student Teacher fees
** monthly fees based on four week months/ 5th Week extra
Payment — Lessons & Classes
Payment for lessons and classes is a prorated tuition of fees,  PAYABLE IN ADVANCE ON THE FIRST LESSON OF EACH MONTH. Otherwise, please use the website or MAIL PAYMENT to the address below BY THE TENTH OF THE MONTH. If a lesson is canceled, then a CREDIT will be forwarded to the following month, or rescheduled as a Saturday make-up lesson. VACATIONS: if you will miss more than one week, special arrangements need to be made in order to keep your regular time slot. If you need to RESCHEDULE a lesson, please call or email and leave a message and I contact you for a make-up time. If you need to cancel on the same-day as your lesson due to an emergency, please call the number below. PLEASE REMEMBER TO INCLUDE EXTRA IF YOU HAVE A FIFTH WEEK LESSON or BAND FOR THE MONTH !
Instrument Sales & Rentals
Ask us about purchasing instruments at a good price. We recommend certain types and colors of instruments — compatible with our program. For students who participate in our program, we also have P.A. & light systems, cordless microphones, risers, etc. available for rent.
Viewing Orders
After you have set up an account and ordered products or services on the website, you can view your orders at any time. Simply click on My Account at the top of any page of the website. 
Updating Account Information
Please keep your account information up to date so we can best serve you. You can update your account information by clicking on Edit Profile at the top of any page in the website. 
Make-Up Times
Saturday times are available for missed lessons. It is important for you to schedule a make-up time as it is essential that we receive a monthly tuition for all teaching time slots, whether a student can attend all the lessons or there will be no deduction in tuition for missed lessons. If a student misses two lessons without prior arrangements, that time slot could be lost. On some holidays (other than July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day), I am available to teach. (Please check with me in advance if your lesson time falls on a holiday).  
Phone Calls
If you need to talk with Dan on the phone, call in the morning as he teaches afternoons and may have recording sessions in the evenings. Please leave a message on the service, or contact us using the website, which sends Dan an email and a text message to his phone. He will get back to you ASAP. Using the website will help us better keep track of cases you bring to our attention. You can see your past cases by logging into your account on the website.
Lesson Procedures
Please be on time to your lesson. If you are late, we may go over your scheduled time slot — if no one is waiting. If another student is waiting, your lesson will need to be cut short. If we are late getting started for any reason, or get an interruption during the lesson, we will be sure to make up the time lost. Please bring your notebook, lesson books or other equipment assigned as necessary to make the best use of lesson time. Daily practice is important to your progress, therefore please schedule whatever practice time is necessary to accomplish your weekly assignment.  
Performances and Recitals
We usually plan several performances a year to facilitate experience in performing before an audience, which takes the place of a weekly band session. It is considered “band time against tuition.” You will be given notice and instructions by separate announcement and on the website. Travel arrangements and performance clothing are each student’s responsibility.
Dress at Lessons, Classes, and Performances
MODESTY IS A MUST. PLEASE RESPECT EACH OTHER BY DRESSING APPROPRIATELY. Thanks for your cooperation! We reserve the right to refuse enrollment to anyone and cannot be held liable for exclusion from our program. 
Thank You!
Thanks for the opportunity to assist you in the development of your talents. It is our mission that your study of music will be a positive experience and make a wonderful difference in your life!