Dan Whitley

Former vocalist and bass player with The Letterman

Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Drums, Violin…
Performing Groups
Early diaphragm development, breath control, and correct tone placement

Keith Knighton

Has taught music for over 30 years to music teachers and elementary students

Kodaly Method
Voice and Piano

Stan Seale

First call musician with Local 47 Musician’s Union

Vocal coaching
Orchestration, arranging, and sequencing
Custom arrangements in pop and jazz as well as stage presence and vocal delivery

Winn Peterson

50+ years of musical experience and training

Traditional Piano

Elizabeth Gundersen

20+ years experience teaching and performing


Specialty: early hand, arm, and bow placement

John David Hopkins

Former first trumpet with the Mormon Youth Symphony and Salt Lake Symphony

Keyboards, Piano, Organ
Sound Synthesis
Music theory, keyboard harmony, and basic improvisation
Musical performance phrasing, interpretation, and expression

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Those Who Teach

Those who teach 
Hold the future in the palm of their hand. 
They open someone's eyes 
To unseen potential, 
Mixing mystery with knowledge to create magic. 
They reach into the soul of another 
And bring out the limitless abilities 
Of tomorrow. 

Those who teach 
Ensure the endurance of discovery. 
They make us believe in ourselves 
And our own capacity for creation, 
Sharing their vision of what we can be. 
They give away what can never fade, 
And only becomes stronger 
When bonded by sharing. 

Those who teach 
Live timeless lives of generous spirit. 
Their efforts, regardless of prominence, 
Touch the souls of not only the students, 
But everyone the student encounters forever. 
Their gift is a priceless realization 
Of one's potential 
And the enchantment never fades. 

— Tamara Bailie

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