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    This is an accompaniment style method and is to be used along with traditional methods. It doesn't replace them. It is merely a supplement to teach popular accompaniment styles by learning chords and improvisation in all 12 keys. There are 8 different sections of study: 

      1. Music Theory
      2. Chords
      3. Reading Notes
      4. Scales and Improvisation (dots)
      5. Singing and Playing Together
      6. I, V7 Chord Study or Can Can Polka, Blues in 12 Keys
      7. I, vi, iv, V7 Chord Study, 12 Major Scales, and Harmonic Triads
      8. More scales, the white solo (key of C) and the other 11 keys, more on the Blues in 12 Keys

    The drum method includes basic rudiments. 
    Instrument Method Books

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