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    An Introduction to Jazz Violin
    By Stanley M. Seale
    Commentary by renowned violinist Robert Barekyan
    Bonwhit House of Music, © 2008

    Hello, my name is Stan Seale. As a jazz educator and performer, I have created the String Meets Swing program at the request of many friends and colleagues in the string world who miss having the opportunity to experience being part of the jazz environment either in school, in professional life or as a hobbyist.

    As in most worthwhile endeavors, attention to detail, dedication, perspiration and an example to follow are very important. Although this “first step” into the art, theory and craft of jazz won’t make you a consummate expert, we do hope that it will give you a good track to run on. Most jazz musicians have mastered the important bebop heads available in the “Real Fake Books” and have transcribed solos and practiced favorite “licks” in all 12 keys from the jazz masters. We, the creators of String Meets Swing sincerely hope that our humble endeavor will find a place in the music peda- gogy, and be a pleasant and educational experience for all who utilize it.


    Satin Fall

    New Bossa


    Autumn Serenade

    Green Dolphin Speaks

    Three's a Crowd


    Miles Smiles

    String Meets Swing PDF

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